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Dealership Levels

Not all levels of our dealerships include business cards and such.  We have starter packages that include just the basics to the full package that incluses everything.  

Starter package includes the following:

  • 2 Ready to go programmable Digital Sign Display adapters
  • Your own web site like this one minus the dealership applications as only we can offer those.
  • Web based CRM Customer Relationship Manager to help you track whom you have contacted.
  • Lead managment via CRM
  • Assitance during business hours for technical support on the display adapters.
  • Monthly check on your customers monthly fees and customization requests.
  • Monthly reports on your sales, customizations, and customer add-ons.

      $395.00 Starter Dealer Package

Mid Level Dealer Package includes the following:

  • Everything the starter package has plus…
  • 3 additional Digital Sign Displays adapters
  • Access to the DIgital Signage customer web site so you can charge the client to make changes or customize their display.
  • In addition to the website you’ll also receive e-mail access.
  • Color brochures to pass out while cold calling.
  • Ability to upsell to larger clients requiring 10 or more displays.
  • Access to sell onsite sign servers rather than web based.

      $1,995.00 Mid Level Dealer Package

Professional Level package includes the following:

  • Everything above in the Starter package and Mid-Level package plus…
  • 30 total Digital Sign Display adapters
  • Your web site with domain name e-mail addresses for up to 30 people.
  • Your own cloud based server for your clients sign adapters to access.
  • Live technical support for the server and software during business hours.
  • Ability to access your clients digital signs reports as to how they are working and attaching to the net.
  • Ability to hire us to install the displays on site.
  • Your own phone number VoIP adapter included (requires high speed internet and monthly service)
  • Professional order books
  • Full color business cards

     $7,995.00 for Professional Level Dealer Package

Master Dealer Level package includes the following:

  • Everything above plus in Starter, Mid, and Professional dealer package plus…
  • Ability to resell dealerships to others.  (Requires approval on our part)
  • Territory protection from us selling to others in your area.  (Excludes grandfathered dealers and clients)
  • Larger discounts on the digital sign adapters
  • Includes one physical server for installation in large corporations.
  • Includes phone support for your clients on a private line answered in your company name.
  • Ability to purchase our clients in your territory and bill direct.
  • Private label billing to your clients.
  • 24/7 emergency service number for after hours support.
  • 100 Digital Display Adapters.
  • Ability to sell interactive Shelf Talker

      $19,995.00 for Master Dealer Level Package

Financing is available OAC for Mid-level and up packages.  In house financing at 25% down payment and equal monthly payments spread over 24 months.  Husband and Wife must personally guarantee all payments.  FInancing only available to persons living in the U.S. legally with valid identification and credit worthyness.  

As with anything in life you get out of it what you put into it.  If you put in little work or effort you won’t get anything out of this business opportunity.  If you put work effort salesmanship and a marketing approach towards this business opportunity you should succeed.  No guarantees are made to you either express or implied that you will make money as we don’t have data on your sales ability.  As such it is sold as is.