Change it when you want • Easy to use • For all Businesses!


Are you in a transition between jobs or are you ready for a whole new direction in your life?  Then you may have just come across one of the easiest and best opportunities available to you and your family.  This is for you if you want to be a success.

No matter the business it needs to advertise.  It needs attention to who they are and what they sell.  Lets face it we all know you’re OPEN and the flashy signs are great.  But what do they offer other than OPEN?  Nothing.  You can get others that say nails, phones, etc but it doesn’t tell you anything about the business.  What are you?  What do you offer?  Do you carry a product we want?  Those signs don’t say that but ours does.  With the IoT (internet of things) you can offer that business exactly what it needs.  Precise pointed advertising that is adapable and changeable and most of all affordable.  A new business just opening for business doesn’t have a whole lot of cash to play with.  They know they need signage but most just were able to afford the one on their building.  They go to Costco or Sam’s club and buy an OPEN sign.  Great.  But they are missing the target.  A proper digital sign can produce an attention grabbing short video showing the passer by the product to buy.  That businesses product or service.  Imagine sitting at a light.  You are attracted to a flash you look over and see their sign.  A short video shows their product in action or motion.  It then shows their company name.  It then goes to a slogan welcoming in the people stopped at the light.  Wow!  What an impact has been made.  You’ll remember the video and the company far longer than OPEN.  You may even have a website for the user to look up on their phone.  Now that my friend is advertising at its best.  OPEN is not.

We offer the most affordable way for you to be in business for yourself that we have found.  Plus we support you with quality products, business cards, sales orders, your own website, customer relationship manager, lead management, and your own phone number.  It’s a true business opportunity.  One that helps get you started right out of the box.

Our dealership application is easy.  Not everyone is approved and it does take a little bit of money to be involved in this exciting new realm of advertising and service.  It takes commitment, determination, salesmanship, a passion for customers, time for calling on businesses, marketing skills, and a drive that makes success.  If you don’t have these skills please don’t apply.  We won’t hand hold you.  However if you do have these skills and don’t need us to hold your hand then please click on Apply for Dealership