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Cost of the System

Digital Sign Base System:

The base system consists of a basic unit which is more than capable of displaying your message on the screen.  It can also display videos and soiund. 


  • 1) HDMI Port
  • 1) Mini USB Power port
  • 4) USB Connectors
  • 1) Ethernet Network Connector
  • 1) WiFi Card integrated
  • 1) Bluetooth WiFi integrated adapter
  • 1) 8 or 16gb SSD card depending on configuration
  • Installed Linux Operating System
  • Installed Digital Display Software Proprietary.
  • Aluminum Heat disapating case for fan free operation
  • 90 day defect warranty
  • 1) AC adapter
  • 1) HDMI cable

      $199.95 with free shipping. via FedEx Ground in the Continental US only requires monthly subscription $19.95 p/month free for 3 months with purchase.

Digital Sign Shelf Talker:

Designed for end caps or for Specials on your floor.  Includes a 12 volt battery self contained screen and WiFi to pick up and store the sign.  Charge can last up to 3 days of continuous use.  After which time you must recharge the unit overnight.  Saves you money and resources by just changing the message and showing the product.  Saves on paper.


  • 12 volt sealed battery
  • Built in display
  • WiFi access
  • 16gb SSD card
  • Installed Linux Operating System
  • Installed Digitial Display Software (Proprietary)
  • Self Contained unit
  • 90 day defect warranty
  • Battery charger built in.  (Notice if unit falls below 9 volts it will require a jump start to charge to get it over 9 volts)
  • 4 USB ports
  • 1 Ethernet port
  • 10 inch display for optimal viewing.

      $595.00 with shipping via FedEx ground in Continental US Only requires monthly subscription of $19.95 p/month free for 3 months with purchase.

Digital Sign In House Server:

Designed for businesses that require more than 10 signs per location to save you on external bandwidth (internet speed) and provide you with more control.


  • Single 1 U Server rack mount case
  • High powered motherboard 
  • Linux server operating system
  • Hard Drive with necessary room to serve your signs
  • Sufficient RAM to get the job done
  • Ethernet Port
  • Keyboard Mouse and Power cord
  • 180 day defect warranty
  • Free updates for OS*
  • Option to have GSN manage the server remotely
  • Digital Display Server Software

      $1,995.00 with free shipping via FedEx ground in the Continental US only.  No monthly subscription required.  Yearly update fee is required for proprietary software.

Financing available on servers with 50% down payment OAC to qualified businesses.  Financing available only to Continental US businesses with verified credit history. Contact us for further details.  *Standard life time of the OS is up to 5 years at which time you will want to update the server to the next release of the OS.  We can help with that.