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Shelf Talkers

What is a shelf talker?  SImply put it is that.  If you have a shelf in your store place it there and you’ll be able to advertise your special on cans of soup candy whatever you want.

Ingenious device with patent pending design and technology that works for you as a gentle nudge for more profits for you.  Give someone a QR code on the screen scan with their phone and deliver a coupon right there so when the customer gets to checkout with the item you simply scan their phone and give them their discount.  Hey guess what… That’s money in your pocket.

What’s needed to operate the shelf talker?
  You’ll need to have internet in your store or retail center.
  You can use either direct connect network, or wifi.
  You’ll need power either via Power over Ethernet or available outlet.
  We’re still developing a battery option to power the device but you’ll still need wifi.

How do we make changes to the shelf talker and what we advertise?
   We provide a vpn connection automatically for our shelf talkers to our network so they only communicate with us.
   You have access to the software to make changes on the fly to your devices.
   Or if you prefer we have technical people to make those changes for you so you don’t have to learn a new system just sell.