Change it when you want • Easy to use • For all Businesses!

How it works.

It is actually quite simple.  

You have several choices as to what to use and what your use would be for your particular scenario.  A basic setup uses a small box we have designed to use which comes to you pre-programmed so you simply plug it in make the connections and it works right out of the box.  You can supply your own LED TV and as long as it has an HDMI port it will work with our system.  We have a list of TV’s that have been tested with our system.  We recommend LG TV’s and LG Displays for video walls.

Our simple system is designed for a single sign.  It is our least expensive model and retails for $199.95**.  It is a small computer that is housed in our exclusive aluminum case and is about the size of a credit card.  It does one thing.  Drives your signage.  Plug it in to your internet and TV and away it goes.  This is ideal for a shelf talker to talk about the product on sale in your store or for a single menu board or window banner.  We also have an interactive unit that can work as your price tags that display not only the price but tell about the product.

To change your sign is simple.  Log on to your signage account from any computer attached to the internet and you can make the changes you want.  Plus with our deluxe version*** of the software you can set a schedule in advance of what you want shown on the sign.  However if you aren’t comforatable doing computer work our designers will be happy to assist you*.

We host the **signage software on our servers which are located around the globe and the closest server to you serves the information. Not one other digital signage company can boast that.  Our parent company has been in the internet service and hosting business since 1995 and has remained under the same ownership ever since.  A family owned and operated company.

*Additional cost will be incurred for this service.  **Digital Signage licensing and hosting is $120.00 per year or $15. p/month.  First year free with purchase of digital sign displays adapter.  ***Deluxe version software for video and scheduling additional cost p/year and is not included with the basic display unit.  Basic display unit can run the deluxe version output.